Thank you to all the great nurses, doctors, first responders on the front lines who are risking their own safety to help us.


Biometric Emergency Medical Data System®

Emergency Medical Data


Link Emergency Medical Data to biometric fingerprints.
Provide ER Doctors and all First Responders with Pertinent Medical Data in Real Time. 

Medical Errors Are the 3rd Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

According to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Emergencies can happen at any age, anytime, anywhere. We want you to have a stronger chance to survive during the scene of an accident.


At the scene of an accident, or any kind of emergency, the medical data of an individual is UNKNOWN.

When time is critical, every minute counts.


A mobile app that retrieves the emergency medical data of an individual in just seconds, anywhere in the world.

No need to carry anything with you, not even a phone. First Responders/doctors scan your fingerprints and your medical data shows up rapidly with a touchless scan.

Our Vision

Solution to an Antiquated System

Our system captures the biometric identification of an individual with their most important medical conditions for an immediate emergency intervention at the time when it is most needed. For example: if a person is having a severe allergic reaction to treatment or suffering from diabetes, the individual's data will show in-real-time, helping doctors and paramedics to make vital decisions.

We Are Bringing Necessary Information into the Hands of Authorized E.R. Doctors and all First Responders


"We want to be the first subscribers of Biometric Emergency Data"

Adventure Hikers Team

About: Carmen Piccini

Founder of Biometric Emergency Medical Data - OneLife

"I was inspired to create Biometric Emergency Medical Data System after witnessing a friend losing his life. This tragedy was the result of the EMT not having access to the proper information that would have saved his life."

"Our goal is to close the horrific information gap to prevent others from a terrible tragedy in a similar situation."